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  Ireland Bike Fest, 6-8 June, 2008
  Although only three years old this is already the biggest and the most famous of all biker
shows and biker events in Ireland. Organized by Harley Owners Group and sponzored
by Harley Davidson this a social event for the biker community, enthusiasts and families.
No registration was required and all the entertainment is free. And you don’t even have
to own a bike, just walk around look at the machines and enjoy the fun and atmosphere.
Bike village, live bands, expos, daily rideouts, trader area, merchandising, demo rides,
custom bike show & Muscular Dystrophy Ireland charity ride through Killarney. Have I forgott
something? Oh yes, Mad Clown's stall was there as well!
  Toys 4 Big Boys, 8-11 November, 2007
  Another year another Toys 4 Big Boys show. After a great success The Mad Clown Design
Industry had in 2006, we have joined together with Old Skool Motorcycles again and took
a part on this event.
Again, not exactly the real motor show, but general pre-Christmas gadget exhibition and
quality of exhibitiors was even higher then last year. Not quantity but quality is the key here
and this is exactly what brings Mad Clown Design to attend such an event.
It was very busy over the weekend and there are some exiting airbrushing projects in
the pipeline. And you could seen some nice motors as well...
  Ireland AM, TV 3, 21 May 2007
  After Irish Bike Week in Killarney, where Tromlui won runner-up prize. All Old Skool Motorcycles
staff were busy at the TV3 studios in Dublin, shooting their interview for Ireland AM morning
show. Both Old Skool show bikes,
Tromlui/ Nitemare and The Headhunter, have been featured on this show. It was live and it
was early in the morning. So good recepie for disaster, but everything went well and there
was a very good feedback after the show was aired.

Unfortunately video is not available at the moment. Hopefuly you would be able to soak
some atmosphere of early May morning from the picture.
  Irish Motorbike And Scooter Show, RDS Dublin, 2-4 March 2007
  This was for the first time ever Mad Clown Design Industry took part in this show.
And for the first time AMD bike building competition offered something bit more
than just show-off for your custom built bike. Winner gets ticket to AMD competition
world final in Sturgis, South Dakota, USA and chance to see all those "big guns" during
Sturgis Bike Week.
As you can see in the motorcycle paint gallery, Tromlui/Nitemare was build espacially
for this show by Old Skool Motorcycles in Bray and Mad Clown got the opportunity
to do some airbrushing on this beauty.
  Unfortunately, in preparation of AMD competition stand, during some pointless shifting
and endless re-arangements of competitor's bikes, desaster stroke and Tromlui got
pretty nasty scare on her back mudguard. Well, we've got over it at the end...

The show itself atracted over 25.000 visitors over three days period and I have to say
it was busy. After VIP Friday, madness broke loose and I spent rest of the weekend
on my bar stool airbrushing away, talking to people and entertaining the crowd.
One of the highlits of the show for me was to meet the airbrushing legend, Simon Murray
of SM Designs, who is nice bloke and it was a pleasure to talk to him for a while
  Toys 4 Big Boys, 10-12 November, 2006
  Ireland's gadget show aimed mainly on the Christmas market has on exhibition almost any
of "big boy" dreams. From gaming consoles, through speed boats, helicopters, sports cars,
and god only knows what else, to motorcycles.
And this was the reson why Mad Clown's circus was present. It was good test for
the forthcoming Irish Motorbike & Scooter Show in the same venue only a few months later.
I am not quite sure about the position of our stand, though, I think that bikes should be where
cars are and not squeezed between home entertaiment and golf shop stands.
But otherwise, good show with excellent attendance.
  Flush Bus magazine, 2004
  Anyone remember? The first car modifier's mag in Ireland, with motto saying: "Don't
just bend the rules, rule the bends" and which was the ultimate car-mods bible
of every irish boy-racer back in its days, is long gone and forgotten. As are many
companies and cars featured on its pages.
Back then, nobody really knew what airbrushing truly means and the most advanced paintwork
was a candy respray over marble base coat and decoration with vinyls. So there was no surprise,
that first feature of Ken's airbrushed Probe stirred up the scene a bit. For a while, before all
fell asleep again.
Oooh, those were the good auld days, hear you say, eh?
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